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See answers to common questions here:

  1. Do you administer assessments upon request?
  2. Do you provide private tutoring?
  3. Where can I get help for my child with reading?
  4. Can my child join your program?
  5. Do you have a summer clinic?




Do you administer assessments for children upon request?

  • We administer assessments and program placement tests for children who participate in the CTL Reading Clinic. We gather data from children in our program to help us inform placement in reading programs.
  • While we do not provide assessments upon request, CDRC Eugene Programs, located here at the UO in the Clinical Services Building does provide assessments for many things including dyslexia, but they generally require a doctor's referral. Contact CDRC at (541)346-3575.

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Do you provide private tutoring?

  • We will try to match current or past Clinic families with a tutor, but no one from the community at large.  If your child has never been involved with the clinic, we suggest going to Duck Connect and posting a position for a reading tutor. We will also be working on adding to the resources on our Parent Resources and Activities page.

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Are there other programs in the area that provide help with reading?

  • While there may be other programs in the area that provide help with reading instruction, we don’t have the capacity to vet any of these programs, so we cannot give any recommendations.
  • A good place to start is to ask in the office at your child’s school if they have a list of private tutors in the area.
  • The Oregon Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (ORBIDA) does have a list of tutors in Oregon. This list is constantly changing, so if there is no one listed in your area; try again in a few months.

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Can my child join your program?

  • Our school year program provides after-school instruction for students in kindergarten through 2nd grade with a focus on 1st grade.
  • We are currently accepting applications for our fall term: Student Registration Packet
  • If your child is outside of our grade focus, please feel free to fill out our waitlist application. we may expand services up to grade 5 in the winter term. If you are interested, please fill out our Waitlist Registration Packet.

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Do you have a summer clinic?

  • We don't plan our summer clinics until the spring university term. Check our Summer Clinic Page for new information.

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