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Year at a Glance Calendar

Please note that the CTL Reading Clinic will follow the University of Oregon calendar.
Tutoring will sometimes take place on days when districts have no school.

Fall 2017

Sept 25

Fall classes begin - Tutor Training Week
Oct 3
Tutor Training Week
Oct 9
Tutoring Begins
Nov 22-23
No Tutoring, Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 30
Last Day of Tutoring
Winter 2018

Jan 8

Winter classes begin - Tutor Training Week
Jan 15
Martin Luther King Holiday
Jan 22
Tutoring Begins
Mar 15
Last Day of Tutoring
Spring 2017

April 2

Spring classes begin - Tutor Training Week
Apr 16
Tutoring Begins
May 28
No Tutoring, Memorial Day Holiday
Jun 7
Last Day of Tutoring
Summer 2017
Jun 25
Summer classes begin