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CTL Reading Clinic

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Increasing Your Child's Reading Fluency - Grades 2 through 8

Many children have good decoding skills, but still struggle with reading narrative and information passages fluently. This session will provide research-based activities for parents to help build reading fluency at home. The session will begin by providing information on how to select appropriate reading material. Fluency goals for each grade level will be provided. Next, activities for building fluency at the word level, phrase level, and passage level will be described.

Parents will have the opportunity to practice the activities at the session and will leave with a packet that includes materials for each activity as well as a list of web-based resources.



Kindergarten Readiness - Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Reading Activities to Do at Home to Prepare for Starting School - This session is designed for parents of 4–5 year-old children, especially children who will begin kindergarten in the fall. Research suggests that young children need to develop awareness of the sounds in spoken words. This skill—phonemic awareness—is highly predictive of future reading success. Research-based activities for building phonemic awareness at home will be shared. Strategies for teaching letter names and sounds and for sounding out simple words will also be presented. Parents will have the opportunity to practice the activities in the session. A packet with materials for home activities along with a list of additional resources will be provided.