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CTL Reading Clinic

In an effort to reduce clinic costs and still reach as many students as possible, we will be changing our clinic model beginning winter term of 2013. With our new clinic model, we will move to providing tutoring services off site in Bethel School District.

The district identified students needing additional support in the area of reading and we are, providing small-group tutoring sessions after school to those students at Danebo, Fairfield, and Prairie Mountain Elementary Schools. we plan to work with Bethel School District for the next year or two to fully develop and evaluate this model.

We will not be able to offer our current model of one-on-one tutoring for any students after fall 2012. 

Instructional interventions are based on the five “Big Ideas” of reading (phonemic awareness, alphabetic understanding, reading fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension) and are comprised of practices proven effective through scientific research.


Interventions incorporate commercial reading programs that are based on scientific research and are tailored to meet the needs of struggling readers. A typical 50-minute tutoring session will include the following components:

  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics
  • structured reading of connected text
  • fluency building
  • vocabulary development
  • comprehension