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Tutoring Services

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As we return to campus this fall, we will be adjusting our services as we grow. Currently our model will consist of small group reading intervention 4 days per week. As we progress through the year we will most likely add small group math instruction and 1-on-1 reading intervention service on a case-by-case basis.

Reading Intervention:
Instructional interventions are based on the five “Big Ideas” of reading (phonemic awareness, alphabetic understanding, reading fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension) and are comprised of practices proven effective through scientific research.

Interventions incorporate commercial reading programs that are based on scientific research and are tailored to meet the needs of struggling readers. A typical 50-minute tutoring session will include the following components:

  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics
  • structured reading of connected text
  • fluency building
  • vocabulary development
  • comprehension

Private Tutoring Policy: We will try to match current or past Clinic families with a tutor, but will not be able to facilitate tutor/student connections from the community at large.  

If your child has never been involved with the clinic, here are a few things we can suggest:

  • Inquire in your child's school office to see if they keep a list of private tutors. Sometimes schools have lists that they don't advertise.
  • Go to Duck Connect and post a position for a reading tutor.
  • Go to our Parent Resources page. We will be adding activities and ideas for things to work on at home with your child.
  • The Oregon Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (ORBIDA) has a list of private tutors/services. They do not endorse anyone on the list, and the list is sorely lacking services in the Eugene/Springfield area, but it's a place to start.